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For those that missed the show, here is a look at Jaap Scheeren’s recent exhibition at Flatland Gallery

November 21st, 2011 by dmb media

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Diver & Aguilar’s Magnum “ART” Campaign Grace the walls of Lola-Madrid in Gilt Gold Frames

November 17th, 2011 by dmb media


At the end of the day , it was always entitled Magnum Temptation “Art” Campaign , and the best place to view Art  is hanging on the wall in spacious surroundings. Since being shortlisted at Cannes lions, D&A have gone on to shoot two new visuals and the Magnum mini Campaign for Lola Madrid. Watch this space for more news.

 See more of Diver & Aguilar’s work here:

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We are very excited to welcome Dutch Design Studio Kummer & Herrman to DMB Media

November 16th, 2011 by dmb media

 Kummer & Herrman is a Dutch, Utrecht based, design studio founded in 1998, which exists of a small team of 6 people. We design for a wide range of clients in media as diverse as books, magazines, identities, annual reports, campaigns, exhibitions and websites.

Dialogue takes a central position in our work. Not only in the design process, but also in the design itself. Our designs originate from the dialogue with the client and aim for an exchange with the audience. They try to challenge to new perspectives, conversations and relations. We believe that a successful design is like a good conversation where image, typography or other means articulate the content. Therefore thoroughness and transparency are important elements in our work, just like a powerful and contemporary visual language.

This design approach doesn’t mean that our working area is limited to a specific field. Our clients originate from areas as different as business, the arts, government or semi governmental organisations. Their willingness to work together with an open sight, to communicate the message as clear as possible and to initiate a new dialogue is what they share.

See more of Kummer & Herrman’s work here:

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Finn Taylor’s Nike Campaign in FourFourTwo Magazine Poland

November 15th, 2011 by dmb media

Finn Taylor’s Nike Poland Campaign in the new issue of 442 Magazine in Poland. See here for more details about the shoot and Finn’s work for Nike.

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See more of Finn’s work here: 

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Simon Roberts “We English” opens at the Centro Brasileiro Britânico in Sao Paulo on the 11th November

November 8th, 2011 by dmb media

We English is going to be exhibited at the British Council in Sao Paulo (Centro Brasileiro Britânico) from 11th November to 25th February 2012, alongside the work of Brazilian photographer Iatã Cannabrava.

Address: Rua Ferreira Araújo, 741 – Pinheiros, São Paulo, Brazil
Telefone: 11 3819-4120

In association with Galeria de Babel.

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